QR code

What is QR code [a brief explanation to be provided....]

QR codes can be useful in certain situations:

But on the whole, QR codes have serious limitations:

  • Humans cannot read them without a device,
  • which means that normal humans cannot proofread them,
  • and there is a danger of QR code containing malicious code.

I recently found this QR code generator. Because it works in live time, you can see how the code changes based on the addition of single letter. On the whole though, it is hard for the human reader to look at a QR code and translate it into a line of text; i.e. a human cannot "read" QR code in the way that we can read a poem, a recipe, or a Luwian Hieroglyph. That is to say, without training and great mathematical effort a human cannot read a QR code, but Bill Casselman explains here how to deconstruct a QR code into binary data strings.

Not long ago, someone handed me their business card with a QR code on it. I scanned it with my phone and saw that it did not match the website on his card. He said that his son had generated it for him. Shortly thereafter, I generated three QR codes containing an extra http:// and printed them in Full Quiver. When I discovered the typos, I had already bound the entire edition. The only solution was to print an errata sheet to accompany the book.

And as to the more serious danger of QR code containing malware, this company claims to have created a QR scanner that will protect you from phishing and attags.

[more about malware. or link to gizmodo?]