Tree Spirit

"Eureka!" Badgemaker squeals, "Glyph SCRIBA is a pine." Glorified clerk whose circular embroidery concocts rules to corral kids, Badgemaker loves logograms, not syllabograms. Her hunt ends here. Now, she’ll link this shape to an endangered species in the Pinus genus. Cindergal, quickens her pace, prods the remaining Flashmob beyond slashburn’s fireline, beyond the failed backburn, beyond bronze beginnings of syntax.

Gabriel Soultanian says: "The phonetics of this sign is LI and means plenty, full. The sign can be see in Car. A12, line 5 (used as the bottom sign of “hu-li”; it is also part of the compound “Kutupili” = Altar full with magnificent horns."

However, other scholars list the meaning of this glyph as "NEG" = negation.